Mountain America Credit Union’s ABA routing number

Mountain America Credit Union is a federally chartered Credit union headquartered in West Jordan, Utah, regulated under the jurisdiction of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Mountain America is Utah’s second largest credit union.

You will Need to use aba routing number for various Trades such As direct deposit, check orders, wire transfers, and electronic payments, etc. For setting up most of the payments (for instance, direct deposit ), you’ll also require the account number of their accounts at which payment must be received.

Earlier we have seen the list of different routing numbers like Wells Fargo routing numbers, Navy Federal Routing Numbers and USAA Federal Bank Routing Number and in this post, we will see what is MACU routing numbers.

MACU Routing Numbers

324079555 is the latest MACU Routing Number

MACU is headquartered in West Jordan Utah and Can Be regulated under the NCUA was created in 1934 and has resources significance over $8 Billion and 7,80,000 members strength.

Mount America routing numbers are used for numerous purposes. One is to utilize the Immediate compilation of Mount America Credit marriage.

The Employees of Federal Credit Union only serves armada agency employees and their charter that they Asheville, new york federal employees work in the federal construction to function. The U.S Forest service staff, Laboratory, Social Security and IRS has many employees in a national building but it was in Asheville and are do not under the Charter.

Once a national employee, Fra Miller went for Arcade Credit Union membership. But Arcade Charter refuses to Offer a Membership as they do not desire to enlarge their associates to include other groups of national employees and as a consequence of the, she decided to do something positive about it. After introducing the Federal Credit Union began the Mountain Federal Credit Union together with Finn Miller and six others. The first lien AFE stands for Asheville Federal Employees.

MACU account format for direct deposit or external transfers

  • Your checking account number will be formatted like this: 5010XXXXXXXX.
    • The Xs represent the account number given to you at account opening.
  • If your account number is less than 8 digits long, add enough zeros (0s) at the beginning of the number to make it 8 digits.
    • Ex. If your account number is 1234567, you’ll add one 0 to the beginning to make it 01234567. That means the full checking number would be 501001234567.

MACU Contact Details

In case if you need any help regarding MACU you can find the following resources.

MACU Service Center:- 1-800-333-1795

NMLS ID:-  462815

MACU Official Website –

MACU Contact Page –

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