What is Routing Number and how to find it?

Routing Number

A Routing number is basically a number which is given by a bank in the form of a code to identify the branch and location of the account.

The main work of the routing number is to make sure that the customer can be identified and also locate the location of the customer account at the same point of time. Now a day if you are making an online transaction, then you might be asked for the account routing number. It is also popularly known as RTN, which stands for Routing Transit Number. Users will be able to see their account number as well as their routing number at the same point of time if they log in to their net banking account. Generally, bank routing numbers are nine digits depending on the location of the bank.

Routing numbers are always printed on the left-hand bottom side of the cheque book.

It is important to understand that the routing number and account number is always written side by side in cheques.

If you are looking at a cheque, then the first nine-digit number in the bottom left-hand corner of the cheque book is the routing number and after that, the ten to twelve-digit number is the account number of the customer. If customers are looking for their account number, then they will also be able to see this number in the monthly statement.

If you use online mode of payments, then you might have been asked for the outing number multiple times. The routing number along with the account number is always asked for all kinds of transactions. This number is important while withdrawing money as well as while depositing money.

The nine-digit routing number is also popularly called ABA RTN, which stands for American Bankers Association Routing Transit Number. This basically is an electronic address to make big transactions easy and simple for the customer as well as the bank. The routing number also helps in increasing the security of each and every transaction. Routing numbers have been with the banks for a long period of time and it has helped transactions made easy for both the parties.

How can customers find their routing number?

All the banks which are based in the United States of America use multiple routing numbers for their account holders depending on the location.

The routing number of the customers depend on the state and branch the customer has their account open in. It is important for the customers to understand that financial institutions with the same account can have multiple routing numbers.

The multiple routing numbers will depend on the type of transaction the customer is going through. The checking account of the customer can have a different routing number, whereas the direct deposit account could have a very different routing number.

Finding routing numbers for the customers is not that hard. Here we have listed down three steps which customers can try to figure out their routing number:

  • The easiest way to find the routing number is to look for the number in the cheque book. The cheque book contains the nine-digit routing number in the left-hand bottom side. The routing number is enclosed in a couple of identical symbols making it different from the other numbers listed on the cheque book. It is very important to understand that the users should never look for their routing number in their ATM card or in their Debit card because routing numbers are assigned in a very different system.
  • Another way to find the routing number is to look for it in the online banking system or the official website of the bank. Customers might find their routing number in the official website of the bank depending on which bank they are using. Customer will also be able to find their routing number once they are able to successfully log into their Internet banking. Users will also be able to login to their mobile application of the bank and then figure out the routing number of their account.
  • The third way to figure out the routing number is simple. Every bank has its own hotline number. Users can simply find their hotline number on the internet. The hotline numbers of the bank are generally available 24×7 which makes it easier to find out the routing number. All customers need to do is share their state and branch name along with the address and they will be able to get their routing number. The hotline procedure is effective in nature because the information which is given to the customers is always correct and there is absolutely no way of any kind of mistake.

For Example, Here is a Complete list of Wells Fargo Routing Numbers.

If you already have the routing number and you are looking to find the bank name, then also it is simple. All users need to do is look for the bank name in the ABA’s Routing Number Lookup Service. This process is a bit complicated but will definitely come in handy during a time of need.

Change of Routing Number

There are a lot of people who go through the confusion that weather routing number changes in the course of time or not. Customers should read the paragraph below to get a clear understanding.

The change of the routing numbers is very occasional in nature. The only time the routing numbers change is when a bank goes through a merger with another bank. If one bank is acquired by another bank, then also the routing number of the acquired bank is bound to change. 

Things to keep in mind

  • It is important for the customers to follow all the instructions which are given to them by the bank. The instruction will definitely help them get all the information whether the routing number is changed.
  • If the routing number is changed, then the old routing number is kept active for a long period of time, even after the new routing number starts working. The bank will notify all the customers about the change of the routing number from beforehand so that the customers are well informed with all the news. The bank will also provide all the customers with a new cheque book with the new routing number printed to make sure that there is no mistake from the customer.
  • After the routing number is changed and people are notified people still end up using the old number. It is recommended for all the customers to start using the new routing number even if the old routing number is active. If customers keep on using the old routing number, then after some time the bank will no longer honor any kind of transactions bearing the old routing code.
  • It is important for the customers to convert all their old cheque books and deposit slips with the new cheque books so that all the paperwork has the new routing number written on them. This will help customers to be up to date with the bank and none of the paperwork will be rejected by the bank.
  • The system of routing number is used by all the banks in the United States of America. Any big transaction will be incomplete without the routing number. If you want to transfer money to someone then you will definitely require the routing number of the person who you are sending the money to. The routing number along with the account number will help customers transfer money to other accounts. The routing number is not only required during depositing money but also during any kind of online purchase.
  • This number is basically used for identification purpose and it also helps to increase the security of the transaction. The routing number is mostly popular in wired transactions and Ach transactions. Banks and credit unions have multiple routing numbers. The routing number depends on the type of transaction the customer is going through. It is important for the customer to have the correct routing number before they finally decide to start with the money transfer procedure.

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